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Urgent request for signatures

The proposed development of 152 dwellings at Seaside Road, St Leonards on Sea

West Marina is a group of residents from the West Marina area of St.Leonards. The group was set up because of concerns that Hastings Borough Council are developing plans for the old Bathing Pool site on Seaside Road in secret.

West Marina wants to work with the Borough Council to ensure this area becomes a destination location, to take advantage of the only remaining undeveloped land in Hastings and St.Leonards with direct access to the beach. However, it strongly believes the Council needs encouragement to engage with local community, visitors to the area and business owners who are directly affected by what ever happens in this location.

You can also print a paper copy of the petition and share it with friends and neighbours

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We, the undersigned and online participants, submit this petition to request:

A that the Council does not proceed with proposals to erect 152 dwellings on its land at Seaside Road; and

B that the Council actively and fully engages with the local community and other existing and potential recreational users of the site to develop an agreed plan for its future use.

Our reasons are:

  • The land is currently well used for recreational activities by local residents and visitors to the area including use of a recently refurbished play area;
  • It is the only stretch of open recreational land on the Borough seafront which is not divided from the sea by roads or carparks and has the potential for greater recreational use;
  • An economic residential development of the site will be prevented by the ground conditions, including the remains of the former Bathing Pool, the age and position of underground services, the presence of SWA overspill tanks, and the constraints and costs of flood risk prevention;
  • A large scale residential development would be over-bearing for the residents of Seaside Road and would result in unacceptable environmental damage from vehicular access along inadequate roads;
  • Council finances and manpower should not be wasted on progressing the existing unrealistic proposals;
  • Local residents should not have to put up with continuing uncertainty about the future of the site;
  • Engagement with local residents and site users has been at best perfunctory and it appears that, in any case, no account has so far been taken of any representations that have been made.
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